Daily Challenge: One poem per day

1. Poetry sucks

To be or not to be–
Enthralled with iambic pentameter
Butchering haiku formats
Self-conscious ramblings about the meaning of life
Sneaking in an internal rhyme or two
Words could be used as a weapon or tool
Waxing poetic like burning candles from the blue
No wonder poetry gets a bad rap
Who’d ever want to read that crap?
Well I’m out to prove poetry doesn’t have to be boring
You needn’t be left snoring when you pick up some Frost
Or dozing off at the sight of Faust.
A good poem is something to look forward to–
Like a cupcake instead of a layered creation
Lovingly made to be eaten in bites
A dab of recreation for the mind’s muscles
Snack on this, dear reader
One poem shall be written per day
So long as I can muster
No rules on rhymes or meter
Just some good words together each day.


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